IT Modernization

IT Modernization

Value Statement

Unlocking legacy systems delivered with modern frameworks and technology, increasing access and efficacy to the US population.

Dev Ops

RELI Group uses DevOps to help meet client objectives through rapid iterative development and deployment processes. To achieve our client’s goals, our team employs DevOps to automate final software deployments and enable the automation of continuous incremental deployments (which can be triggered numerous times daily as changes are made to software systems).

Continuous integration/Continuous deployment

RELI Group uses Agile continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) tools to deploy uninterrupted processes which deploy live software to the production environment. Our CI/CD tools help to automate complex workflows required for agile software movement between development, test, and production environments by removing manual interaction.

Call Center Ops

RELI Group provides call center and help desk support to support our client’s goals and objectives. We respond to incoming inquiries from providers, research and resolve inquiries, document inquiries, and provide written responses from call center requests.

Business Process Re-engineering

RELI Group applies a re-engineered business process to analyze our clients’ underlying requirements and unique workflows. Our business process management methodology considers people, processes, and technology to reduce inefficiencies. We define and outline business practices, processes, information flows, data stores, and systems. In addition, our experts analyze and design calls with Shared Systems/Maintainers/healthcare providers, perform downstream system analysis, develop requirements documents, and support release management.